Current Satellite Freshwater LED+

I was able to pick up a Current Satellite Freshwater LED+ for a steal of a price from a store closing their aquatics department. LEDs have been around for a while and the best can be $600 or more, so I was hoping this one would be a good deal, at least for the money.


It is very slim, probably the slimmest light fixture I have ever seen. If you are using a canopy this won’t make a different at all, but otherwise it is very sleek. The black color is also ideal to blend in with the top of the aquarium.

The actual LEDs are tightly arranged in a solid line the full length of the fixture, unlike many fixtures that have larger LEDs more spaced out which create a bunch of mini spotlights in the tank (such as Marineland Double Bright or the equivalent Beamworks).


Weak. The light is just light. I can’t imagine trying to get a planted tank to look decent at all with this thing. The remote (completely unnecessary for a light fixture in my opinion) allows you to adjust the color, but honestly this thing is too weak for you to afford cutting back anything to mess with the exact color. You need all the light this thing can provide and then some.


Unless you are getting it dirt cheap and/or need it just for fish, not live plants or anything else, this thing isn’t worth the money. The Finnex Ray II is visibly brighter and not as expensive.