Aquarium Dimensions

Below are the standard rectangular fish tanks made by Aqueon (formerly All Glass Aquariums) and Marineland (formerly Perfecto). I do not have a preference for either brand over the other, in my experience they both make high quality, reliable aquariums.

Not all of the tanks listed below are available from both Aqueon and Marineland. Most come in multiple color options and most of the larger ones are available pre-drilled with built-in overflows (some overflows are built in to the corner, others are on the back). Some tanks have center braces built in to the top frame, others do not. If this is a concern just ask and I will check to see what the options are for you.

This list includes the basic/standard rectangular tanks. This list does not include bow fronts, hexagons, cubes, columns, Marineland Deep Dimension tanks, etc. I prefer the standard tanks below because you get more volume for your money. Per gallon the special shapes cost a lot more. If you are interested in any of the other tank shapes just ask me.

For reef tanks I suggest a tank at least 18″ wide (front to back). This gives you enough space to setup a stable rock pile as well as allow enough width inside the stand for a 12″ wide sump. This would also apply to tanks for African cichlids where you will also have a lot of rock work.

In addition to the chart below you can find more information at the following websites:



Volume (Gallons) Dimensions (Inches)
(Length x Width x Height)
2.5 12x6x8
5.5 16x8x10
10 20x10x12
15 24x12x12
16 High 20x10x18
20 High 24x12x16
20 Long 30x12x12
20 Extra High 20x10x24
25 24x12x20
29 30x12x18
30 Long 36x12x16
30 Breeder (Aqueon) 36x18x12
30 Breeder (Marineland) 30x18x12
30 Extra High 24x12x24
33 Extra Long 48x13x12
37 30x12x22
38 36x12x20
40 High 36x13x20
40 Long 48x13x16
40 Breeder 36x18x16
45 36x12x24
50 36x18x19
55 48x13x20
60 48x13x24
65 36x18x24
75 48x18x21
90 48x18x24
110 Extra High 48x18x30
120 48x24x24
120 Extra High 60x18x26
125 72x18x22
150 72x18x30
150 Extra High 48x24x30
150 Deep Dimension 36x36x27
180 72x24x24
200 Deep Dimension 48x36x27
210 72x24x30
220 Extra High 72x24x30
250 Deep Dimension 60x36x27
265 84x24x30
300 Deep Dimension 72x36x27