Finnex Ray II LED Light

I bought a used Finnex Ray II to put on my saltwater system. I have seen these recommended a lot on forums as a ‘good’ and ‘cheap’ LED (I don’t know if those two words can be used to describe the same product), so I wanted to see for myself how good they are.


Brighter than the more expensive Current Satellite Freshwater LED+.

The color is good, 7,000K. Not too blue or too pink.

The LEDs are arranged in a nice, tight line the whole length of the fixture. This is opposed to many fixtures that use larger LEDs that are more spaced out.


The fixture color is silver, black would be better.

Not as slim and compact as the Current, but still fine.

Not bright enough to do much with. You may be able to do some low to medium light plants, but even then they would probably do much better with a better light.


A great light for a fish only tank.