We Shouldn’t Buy Banggai Cardinals Anymore

This is a very sad article. Banggai cardinals are endangered because the hobby’s demand is insatiable. This is not a case of habitat destruction or climate change. This is directly the aquarium industry’s fault. The demand for banggai cardinals is more than the wild and captive breeding combined can keep up with. We are making this species extinct. Even if you buy captive bred that just means there are that many fewer non-wild fish available and someone else will be buying the wild caught ones, so you are still part of the problem. I won’t be buying any more. The only people buying fish in this situation should be people ready and actually capable of breeding them. Other than that, until the entire supply is captive bred, we shouldn’t be buying them.

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Carbon Causes HLLE in Saltwater

This is a very good and important read about carbon directly causing HLLE is saltwater. Keep in mind this is saltwater, not freshwater. In freshwater there is HLLE (not caused by pathogens) and HITH (caused by pathogens). Although carbon has been known to cause HLLE in freshwater this is very rare. Water quality and food quality are almost always the cause of HLLE in freshwater.

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