Coral Frag Grow Rack Added to the Reef System

I always wanted to have some space to grow out frags in one of the smaller tanks on the saltwater system. I tried covering the bottom of a 10 gallon with tile frag plugs, but a lot of debris collected between the frag tiles. It was also difficult to get good flow (or I was just too lazy to try). I either had too much in one spot, not enough throughout the tank, or both.

I ended up moving all the rock in the 40breeder to each end, adding some damsels, and installing a PVC and eggcrate frag rack in the middle of that tank. This seems to be the best so far. I still need to get a better pump, but I think this will work. (Update: I got a small Jebao pump and it is working very well.)

The idea is that when I buy a frag of something, it will first go to this tank to grow out. Once it is large enough, I will frag it into a few pieces. One will go in the display, one will be held to grow again, and another one or two will be sold to make back the money spent on the original frag. If this works out well, I may be willing to spend some money on higher end corals with the intention of actually growing them for ‘profit’. I doubt I will ever make back all the money spent on this system, but anything to offset this hobby helps.

coral frag growout tank